This page is about the character, Yu The Wolf which was created by Metal on the 14th of January 2014.
Yu, otherwise known as Narukami or Sensei is one of the main characters of Metal and is based off of Yu Narukami of Persona 4. He is a 19 year old Wolf, who is Commander in Chief of the Unnamed Rebel Group and is skilled using at the Katana and has Electrokinetic powers.

Character © to MetalTD/Drago1000100/Detective-Dojima. In order of the usernames on Wikia, Youtube, Deviantart, respectively. MetalTD is also a member at This character is based off an existing character, and is a crossover character.



Yu is a grey, tall wolf that has short, grey coloured hair with grey coloured eyes. He has pale peach coloured skin, and is quite tall (5"11) but not as tall as Metal. He is quite thin, for his age (19). His fur is slightly shaggy. Underneath his attire, he has white chest fur and has white markings on both arms which are concealed. He has a long shaggy grey tail, that is slightly off the ground.


He wears a black blazer with a white shirt, and black pants. He is known to wear brown sneakers. He sometimes is seen with grey glasses on.

Items currently in Possession:Edit

Background Story:Edit

Unstarted. I will write the background story after I get an Idea of how to write it. Ideas will be appreciated.


Yu is a quiet, polite and calm. He is known to be emotionless and cold at times. However, he values the bonds of friendship between the team and is highly concerned about friends. He will go to great lengths in order to help others.

He has a sense of humour and sometimes does things that he thinks are funny. He seems to be a bit naive to certain situations. He dislikes being on his on his own, and would hate to be away from his friends. He is known to fear having his world destroyed.

Yu is of Lawful Good alignment, that means he is good and follows a set of rules. He believes in justice and the truth.



Like Raiden, Yu is a powerful electrokinetic. This means he can control, manipulate and even generate electricity. He can strike enemies with lightning from a short or long range. He also has the ability to use Electricity defensively, by surrounding himself with electricity for defensive. Also as well as he can use electricity for healing and as well as being able to drain electricity to heal. He is moderately skilled in his electrokinesis, with being just as powerful as Rai and Kanji but not as powerful as Raiden. Other than this, he has other known abilities aside from his Electrokinesis and his sword skills.


Yu is a skilled katana and sword fighter, as well as this he knows little other skills. He has little ability is hand to hand combat and knows little about how use firearms. He is known to be relativity smart.


Being a swordsman and an electrokinetic, Yu has some weaknesses as the result of this. With his sword skills, he is only able to beat a foe, his level of skill, meaning he could struggle against move advanced sword users. He's a electrokinetic, meaning that his electricity will be uneffective against Earth users and things with the ability to absorb electricty. Like all other mortals, he has human weaknesses.







  • Unnamed Rebel Group
    • Yosuke The Hyena
    • Chie The Red Fox
    • Zephyr Bloodedge
    • Yukiko The Phoenix
    • Kanji The Red Wolf-Wolverine Hybrid
    • Teddie The Bear
    • Naoto The Wildcat
    • Metal The Rogue
    • Rai The Berserker



Roleplay Appearances:Edit


File:Reach out to the Truth - P4 Reincarnation Album

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