This is an article about Vex The Hyena, a character created by MetalTD on 06/1/2014.
Watch out! Here comes Vex! Master of using a scythe that turns into a rifle, he is a formidable foe to take on in close and long range combat. He is well known as the Reaper for his expertise in his scythe skills.

Vex otherwise known as Reaper, is a twenty six year old Hyena, who is about three foot five and is eighty kilograms. He is the master of using a scythe which can transform into a rifle which he names Destroyer.

While outside of his combat life, he is known to be a excellent woodcutter and carver, as he regularly spends his days carving or chopping wood in a small house made out of wood in the forest outside of Station Square. He is the best friend of Saber the Lion, and childhood friend of Metal. Being brought up in the rundown area of Central City, Vex on occasion got into fights or two with bandits or gangs. Being trained in the usage of using a knife as well as scythe since he was young, he is a master at using them both in combat.

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Vex is a twenty six year old (26), male Spotted Hyena who stands at the height of three foot five (3"9) and is the weight of eighty kilograms (80kg). He has black fur with several orange spots of different sizes on his fur. He has a X-Shaped scar across his chest which oddly a ice blue colour, and the same scar on his right shoulder with it being an ice blue colour too. His muzzle is a grey colour, and his hair is a lighter black colour. He has a bushy tail with a orange stripe on it. His markings glow from time to time, and when in battle.


Vex wears a black jacket, that is a lighter colour than his dark jet black fur. The jacket is short sleeved and his right sleeve being slightly ripped, to let his marking be seen. He wears a blue scarf around his neck, and a shoulder armor on his left arm. He wears black pants that are a lighter colour like his jacket. He wears a pair of black boots with a orange stripe on them.

Items currently in Possession:Edit

Background Story:Edit

Unstarted. I will write the background story after I get an Idea of how to write it. Ideas will be appreciated.



While having no powers or abilities. Vex is able to transform into a super from, using his own energy to super transform, making him stronger. While this is highly dangerous and the sorts. Vex is learning to control it, as it is the own source of power he has.


Vex is highly trained and skilled with using a scythe in battle. He can twirl the scythe at very high speeds, slash with excellent accuracy, power and speed. He is also an near expert in knives, being trained in them from a young age. He is able to use the rifle part of his scythe as well, making him a slightly skilled marksman. As well as this, Vex is a highly skilled wood carver, and wood cutter as well as a craftsman, being able to build things and craft out of wood.




Super Forms:Edit

Overdrive Vex:Edit






  • Vex's scars may indicate that he may of been part Berserker, from his ancestry. His markings glow from time to time, but are different shaped from a Berserker. While he has no powers or abilities, he is able to enter a super from, using his own energy to transform.

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