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Another peaceful day on Mobius. That was until a powerful force of evil attempts to bridge the gap between The Dark Dimension and Mobius. At the same time, the force seems to somehow revived the villains that fought the heroes in the past. Can the heroes find a stop to this before it's too late?

NOTE: This takes place in an alternate continuity before Mobius and the Dark Dimension become one.


Involved CharactersEdit


Characters who want to put a stop to the evil force.


Characters who don't care or don't want to help stop the evil force.


Characters who want to cause as trouble as possible to stop the heroes from obtaining their goal.


Prologue: Darkness DawnsEdit

It hungered.

It hungered for power.

Why it desired power, it did not know. However, it did know how it would acquire that power.

Gazing upon the infinite universes that made up the fabric of existence, it bore a bored expression as it sifted through them. Eventually, one caught its eye. "Mobius..." it breathed.

Beside it was another parallel universe - however, this one was toxic and deadly to all non-natives, and barren of life. In the latter, there was a powerful entity who ruled up high with an iron claw. Perfect, the being smirked.

Already, plans were in motion... one way or another, it would conquer all of existence and become a god - no, greater than a god. A titan.

Beware, denizens... I am coming. I am hungry. I... am Chaos Manifest.

Chapter 1: Rising ChaosEdit

With the OthersEdit

It was a peaceful day in Station Square. As everything seemed quiet, and as usual city life was normal. Judging by the time of day, it looked like it was sunrise, and the sky seemed to be rather clear, with hardly any clouds in sight.

A brown Hyena could be seen on the sitting on the roof on a building, it seemed as if it was the end of the alley way. While the building seem too high it's self, as it was quite low. The hyena jumped down before pulling out a cellphone and glaring at it. "Come on! He should here by now." He said moaning.

At that moment, a gray Wolf followed by a human girl, walked up the alley way. The Wolf seemed to be male. "Sorry, we're late. We had some trouble on the way past..." He said.

"Yu, what kind of trouble?" The Hyena asked, wondering what was going on.

"This purple lights thing again." The one named 'Yu' said.

"Dude, you must be dreaming! That's just a urban legend!" The hyena said in disbelief.

"Legends can be true, Yosuke." Yu said, crossing his arms.

"Right, right. Let's get to school. Like anything will happen again." Yosuke then looked over at the human girl. "Rai, come on. Let's go to school with Yu over here. Everything will be fine!" He then put his cellphone away and then began to walk off.

The other two followed, walking down the end of the alley way into a street. The group walking down the street, passed a TV shop where the news was being broadcasted.

"Guys, hold on." Yu said. The group and him stopped and watched the TV.

"This morning, we have a very special report about the mysterious purple lights in the sky..." The news reporter said, as he went on about this mysterious thing. The program seemed to show footage of the so called purple lights.

Yosuke looked away as soon as he saw this. "Come on! I didn't want to believe this!"

Yu looked around to notice the fog. "Guys, we may wanna look at this?" He said.

"Oh great. Fog. We've had enough fog." Yosuke said, pulling what out seems to be a dagger.

"I remember the last time it was foggy as this." Yu said. He knew that something wasn't right. He had this type of feeling before.

"Uh, guys? There's this creepy thing going on!" Rai said as she noticed the monsters.

Yosuke gripped onto his daggers and watched.

Yu noticed as one of the monsters materialized in front of him.


Elsewhere in the city, a wolf in a red trench coat was busy in the local arcade when he felt a strange disturbance in the air around him. "...that's odd," he remarked.

After ending his gaming binge, he stepped outside to notice distortions in the sky that resembled violet vortexes. "What the hell?" he blurted upon noticing this. Just what was going on?

A dragon hybrid seemed to watching the wolf, jumping down and he came over. "So, do you have any idea of what's happening? It seems strange."

"Whoa!" the wolf blurted, backing away from the hybrid due to being surprised. "...I... dunno. I just saw it," he said after a moment.

"Uh, I guess that's what everyone says." He said.

Something didn't feel right. It seemed the sky was getting slightly darker very quickly. As well, as there seemed to be now fog starting to envelop the area.

The wolf looked around curiously. "Okay, this is getting weirder by the minute," he murmured, instinctively reaching for the hilt of his sword, which rested on his back.

A leopard, who was just about to leave Station Square, quickly noticed the fog and dark skies. "That doesn't make sense," he said to himself, "It was sunshine and blue skies a second ago."

"So yeah, are we dreaming or what?" The hybrid looking around.

"Beats the hell outta me," the wolf said.

A few moments later, everyone would notice strange, monster-like "images" flashing in and out of sight. It would seem as if the "images" were having trouble materializing.

"Okay, what the heck is that?" The hybrid said, pulling out his Dragon Buster sword off of his back. It activated with the blade being a blue colour.

The leopard saw one of the "images" flash straight in front of him. "What the hell was that?" he asked himself as he walked to where it was.

The "image" that stood before the leopard suddenly coalesced into that of a Nightmare for a fraction of a second, which moved to attack him before dissipating just as quickly.

The leopard quickly took a defensive stance as the Nightmare moved to attack. He moved to dodge the Nightmare when he realised it was gone. "I need to find help," he advised himself.

The hybrid has also noticed one of the images quickly materialize in front of him. Instinctively, he readied the blade.

"Alright, who's screwing with our senses?" the wolf said bluntly. He wasn't liking how these... whatever they were seemed to be fading in and out of existence itself. He guessed it had to do with the strange skies above...

"Wait, someone is? I thought this was all some illusion." The hybrid said, looking over at the Wolf.

"I'm assuming this ain't natural, and somebody's pulling the strings to make it happen," the wolf replied.

The leopard could be seen close by, running toward the others. He then tripped and fell.

The hybrid looked over at the Leopard. He seemed to be watching him. Wait, a that Ember? He thought, grinning.

"Who?" The wolf said. He didn't notice the leopard in question until now.

"Damn it..." the leopard said standing up and brushing himself off. He looked up and continued to run. He ran past both the hybrid and the wolf and then stopped. He turned around and faced the hybrid. "Metal?" he asked, trying to make out his face through the fog.

Metal nodded, looking over at Ember. "Nice to see you too, little leopard." Metal said, waving his hand at Ember.

"I'm not little. At least not anymore," he said defensively. He walked up to the two of them.

"Of course you're little!" Metal laughed at Ember. He seemed to be having fun by making fun of Ember.

Ember scowled at him and didn't retort.

"You know this dude?" the wolf questioned. If the leopard proved to be an ally, then he might as well inquire how Metal knew the guy.

"Yeah, I know him. He's one of my friends friends. His name is Ember," The hybrid said.

"Okay. If he's a friend, then I guess I'm a friend too. I'm Blitz by the way," the red hero said.

"Glad to meet you. I consider Metal as more of an acquaintance than a friend. Just thought I'd let you know," Ember said whilst smiling sarcastically at Metal.

"Pfft, like that is true, Ember. How is Astrid doing these days?" Metal asked.

"Dunno. Never see her," he replied simply.