Ricardo The Wolf is a

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A young wolf of average height and weight, Ricardo has white fur with a long black streak up his back. As a politician, he keeps this fur neatly brushed and maintained, while his red eyes are highly emotive.


Ricardo dresses somewhat formally, with a Blue tunic detailed in white over a white long-sleeved shirt, plus blue pants and black leather shoes.



An electrokinetic of no little skill, but with only interest in self-defence, Ricardo has the ability to permanently transform into a more powerful form when he reaches a certain strength level. Due to his lack of interest in training, he hasn't reached this point.

Ricardo has skill in electrokinesis and close-in combat, as well as some training in toxikinesis and enough training in geokinesis to exhibit the use of some Metal-elemental techniques. However, despite his combat training, the wolf prefers to use his charisma to talk his way out of any situation.

Due to his preference to talk his way out of trouble, Ricardo has a rather large fear of robots, which cannot be swayed by the words of anyone but their master.

Electric AbilitiesEdit

Poison AbilitiesEdit

Earth AbilitiesEdit

Metal AbilitiesEdit

Elementless AbilitiesEdit

  • Peck - using metal manipulation to create a horn on his forehead
  • Power Whip