This is an article about Raiden The Destroyer, a character created by MetalTD on 1st of August 2013.

You don't understand where true power comes from hybrid. You will never achieve the true power of a god.

I've seen what you truly are. I'm gonna end you right here...for everyone's sake.

Very well. Try all you want Rogue.
— Raiden arguing with Metal before their final battle.


Raiden's old design by Kira.



Raiden is an above average height (three foot nine), who is about physically twenty nine years old. His fur is thick, shaggy and is a jet black colour. His whites of his eyes are jet black colour like his fur, with the eyes being a gold colour. On his head, there is a lightning bolt stripe pattern. He has gold lightning bolt markings on both of his arms. He also has a long and bushy jet black tail, which has a gold stripe on it which reaches to the end of his tail. He has a small tuft of fur on his chest, which a white colour. His muzzle is a peach colour and has a small claw shaped scar under his right eye, which is coloured a gold colour.


Raiden wears his signature labcoat, that reaches down to his knees. It is white and colour. He wears dark grey pants that reach down to his sneakers and slightly cover his shoes. He wears a blue bandana around his neck, along with a bandage around his right arm. His sneakers are a yellow with various places being blue and the soles being black.

Items currently in Possession:Edit

  • Handgun: A handgun that Raiden uses in combat. While it is only used for defensive purposes, he sometimes uses it to make his enemies scared of him. It is known to be a normal handgun, and it is unable to use armour piercing bullets.

Background Story:Edit

Early Life:Edit

Raiden was the first and only child to a Male Mobian Wolverine and Female Mobian Wolf. He was born in a town, and raised up by both of his parents. It was known his father was a ruler of a kingdom with his wife, and had his own personal army. They were both rich, due to his father landing a job in the army about fifteen years beforehand, and raising up to the ranks extremely quickly, to become the new ruler of the country. His father was cold and merciless and was known to be a highly skilled soldier and electrokinetic (Electricity Manipulator), while his mother cared about Raiden and she a highly skilled healer at the time. What he didn't know, that his father was a god, and was one of the most powerful electricity gods in existence. His life continued normally, by him being trained in the art of combat by his father until the age of eleven years old.

During the winter before his twelfth birthday, the place where he lived in, was invaded by the enemy force, the force being led by the warrior named Rogue. Rogue quickly wiped out most of the soldiers, leaving Raiden the only one alive. Annoyed by the fact that his parents were killed by a Berserker hybrid, he set out to make himself stronger.

Joining G.U.N:Edit

Six hundred years after, his training, he decided to enlist in G.U.N. as a soldier and wanted to fight evil, and the defend the world. After the interivew, Raiden quickly climbed up the ranks, up to the level of commander. It was a few years later, he quickly became interested in creating supersoldiers and therefore became extremely interested in science. About seven years later, he became one of most highly respected scientists in G.U.N.

Shortly after a few years, Raiden became interested in experimenting on a Berserker hybrid, who had been wrecking up various places in Central City to get revenge on G.U.N. He talked to one of his elite soldiers, a Wildcat named Crusher to help him lure the hybrid into a trap. The wildcat agreed and went out to find the Berserker hybrid for himself.

Later on, the hybrid known as Metal was lured into a ambush, which he was then surrounded by G.U.N soldiers as well as Crusher who had turned on him for Raiden's plans. The Rogue surrendered after realized, it was futile to fight against G.U.N with the strength he had.

Metal was later brought to a testing facility in G.U.N to further increase his powers. A few months after Metal's powers were significantly increased to surpass a average Berserker, Metal used his powers to create a explosion to escape the place, making Raiden think the hybrid was a lost cause. Unknown to Raiden, Metal had found out on his plans.

The Rogue's RebellionEdit

During the few years, the Rogue was preparing in secret to take down Raiden. The Wolverine created a a Blaster named Marduk and a creature of a unknown species who was named Mercer. It had took Raiden years to create the successors to possibly Metal, and the new supersoliders that could kill the Berserker. Later on, Mercer and Marduk somehow escape, annoyed by the fact Raiden only treated them like a experiment, not a actual person. Raiden becomes annoyed, ending up, closing down his project to create super-soldiers.

A few months later, Raiden's building was suddenly breached by a group of soldiers who named themselves Raiders, who was lead by The Rogue himself. While Raiden was surprised to see Metal alive, the Wolverine instantly commanded his soldiers to attack the intruders. The soldiers fought over the Wolverine's soldiers, before Metal intervened, and said he would fight Raiden himself. Raiden merely laughed, and told the hybrid 'he'll will never attain the true power of a god'. Metal replies with saying 'he knows what Raiden truly is', and the Wolverine 'tells the Berserker he can try all he wants'.

Then the fight between Raiden and Metal begins, Metal quickly attacks him with his fire powers, and Raiden blocks. The two continue clashing towards each other, Metal eventually activating Nightmare for the first time and Raiden activating Stormfront. The battle comes to a end when Metal gains the upper hand and stabs Raiden through the chest with his Dragon Buster, killing the Wolverine for good. Raiden says his last few words, remarking that Metal is the strongest hybrid to live.




Raiden is a powerful electrokinetic (Electricity Manipulator) and is one of the strongest in the Dark Destroyers Series. Electrokinesis lets him control, manipulate and generate electricity. He can strike enemies with electricity from a short or long range. He also has the ability to use electricity defensively, by surrounding himself with electricity. Also as well as he can use electricity for healing and as well as being able to drain electricity. He is master skilled in her electrokinesis, with him being able to control it at master level. Raiden's electricity is a red colour with a dark red hue because of his evil nature.


This allows Raiden to use electricity to generate magnetic and anti magnetic effects. He can also charge herself with energy as he falls, creating a powerful explosion. Another notable things he can do with this is, that he could bind an explosive kinetic charge of electricity with Electromagnetism, that is able to bounce off walls and explodes a few seconds after impact. He could also hover in the air using Electromagnetism and grind through metal wires and railings. He also exhibits some form of weather control, the primary example of this being able to call forth an extremely powerful bolt of lightning from the sky and control it's direction.


Electricity Enhanced Condition:Edit

Due to Raiden's power of electricity, powering him up. He has gained the ability to become faster and stronger. This allows him to run up to 60mph. Lift things that are about 1000kg, and hear things from five miles away and see things in the dark.

Cold Immunity:Edit

As a wolverine, Raiden is immune to the cold in general. This means he cannot be affected by cold temperatures, such as a fridge and freezer temperatures. He cannot be frozen, and cannot be affected by Ice attacks also.

Lightning Rod:Edit

This is one of Raiden's genetic abilities, that is always active regardless of whether Raiden is in combat or not. Lightning Rod is a genetic ability that makes electricity useless if Raiden is hit. It would increase his strength and defence each time they hit him with an Electricity based technique. As well as this, it makes Raiden immune to all electricity.


While Raiden is powerful with his powers and abilities, he is equally powerful without his powers. Raiden is known to be extremely gifted in hand to hand combat, due to him being trained as soldier beforehand. As well as this, he is equally skilled in his firearm skills. He is known to be good at leading part of his army, as he is a commander. Raiden is a extremely skilled scientist, as he genetically modified Metal, and created Marduk and Mercer.

Strengths and Weaknesses:Edit

Raiden is a electricity wielder, meaning he can control electricity. His electricity allows him to electrocute foes through water, and anything else despite it not allowing electricity to pass through it, the only exception here is Terrakinesis (Earth Manipulation). Being one of the strongest electricity wielders in the Dark Destroyers universe, Raiden is a danger to other characters that are weak to electricity, and even those that are immune to it. His electricity is surprisingly powerful, able to punch through armour and even go through other characters in the Dark Destroyers series that are immune to electricity. His speed, strength, defence and reflexes are enhanced as the result of him using his electricity to power himself. He is known to be faster than Gunthar, just as about as physically strong as Metal and is known to take some hits before going down for good. Raiden is known to be smart, as he created Marduk, Mercer and genetically modified Metal to become stronger than a normal Berserker.

Despite being one of the strongest characters in the Dark Destroyers universe, Raiden has weaknesses like all other characters. His main weakness is Terrakinesis (Earth Manipulation), due to it disabling his electricity and making it useless. The second thing is that, he is weak to gunshots. Gunshots and bullet wounds can disable Raiden to the degree where he cannot fight in battle, rendering his powers useless. Another thing Raiden is weak to is, Hyalokinesis (Glass Manipulation) and Crystallokinesis (Crystal Manipulation). Hyalokinesis (Glass Manipulation) and Crystallokinesis (Crystal Manipulation) can block his techniques by simply reflecting the electricity off of the Glass and Crystal. This renders his powers near useless against these type of wielders.


Super Forms:Edit

Stormfront Raiden:Edit




Raiden has been allies with G.U.N for a while. It is known he hand his own group of soldiers, until his soldiers and himself were killed by The Rogue.


Raiden has primarily only enemy, that being Metal.

Metal The Rogue:Edit

Raiden has a slight hatred towards the Berserker hybrid for being the descendant of the warrior that killed his parents. At first, Raiden attempts to make the Rogue listen to him though experiments, Metal then somehow escapes using his powers, making Raiden think that Metal was killed. Upon Metal breaking into Raiden's base with his soldiers, Raiden explains that Metal doesn't have the power of a god, Metal says that he has to kill Raiden to protect everyone, and Raiden becomes angered and challenges the Rogue to a fight. Metal activates Nightmare and Raiden activates Stormfront, the battle is ended when Metal overpowers Raiden and stabs him through the chest, killing the power crazed Wolverine for good. Upon him being killed by the Rogue, he lets out his last few words, saying "That Metal is the strongest hybrid to ever live."


  • Raiden was created through a dream, how that happened I don't know.
  • Raiden was one of the most powerful characters in the Dark Destroyers arc until Metal killed him.
  • Raiden speaks with an English accent.