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A tall, slim hedgecat, Orihime is known throughout the G.U.N. Sixth Army Division for her broad smile and pale orange fur. Indeed, the woman is quite delicate-looking when she's not active in battle, owing mostly to her light-weight build. She keeps her brown hair shoulder-length, while her eyes shine a brilliant gold.


Normally, Orihime wears her normal combat uniform - black sleeveless dress which ends half-way down her thighs for ease of movement while running, thigh-height black boots and black fingerless gloves that end just short of her shoulder. Over this, she wears a dark purple breastplate and set of shoulder-plates, each one edged with black paint. This serves her as a uniform of-sorts with her unit, the 8th Southern Pathfinder unit.



Orihime is a scout with experience. Trained in stealth and distraction, she has the advantage over most of her soldiers due to her training in three elements - through her electrical training she has gained the ability to sense the bioelectrical fields generated by living bodies, similar to a shark. In that way, she can sense the location of enemies and allies alike, although the sense is only really good for locating, not for identifying targets. Her abilities with Ice, her primary combat element, can be used to lower her body heat to levels undetectable by most thermal imaging devices, while her Poison manipulation can be used to create toxic smokescreens to cover her presence and let her move in relative darkness.

When forced to fight, she doesn't just rely on her elements in combat, but makes regular use of a dagger held in a backhanded grip. As with most G.U.N. soldiers, she is trained in the use of firearms and an array of melee weapons, but doesn't carry any guns due to the noise they make, and likewise no other melee weapons due to the movement restrictions. However, if she picks a weapon up on the battlefield she is capable of using it to a moderate level.

However, Orihime has a rather major psychological weakness - an addiction created by an enemy who captured her many years before. Orihime needs a small dose of a drug referred to as "liquid shadows" every day in order to keep herself in fighting fitness. If she doesn't have any liquid shadows, her body starts to react - she grows drowsy and unintelligible, while complete levels of darkness can make her seem almost promiscuous, traits created through the biological treatment of her former captors who had planned some rather sinister uses for her before they were caught.

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