Lucinda the Angelfox is a twenty-one year old Hedgefox who is also an angel, and she is the Fursona of the user SPop120.


Luce is a snow-white hedgefox with long black hair in the winter. She has cobalt eyes. Her white wings with a pink tint are normally not retracted. She is rarely seen wearing her black square glasses.  She has a turquoise synchro stone embedded in her shoulder. During the summer, she has brown fur.

Winter AttireEdit

Luce wears a black shirt with a collar that goes up to her chin. The collar separates from the other part of the shirt, black strings connecting it to the sweetheart neckline. There is one sleeve that is black. She wears sky blue and lavender boots, and light blue denim jeans. She often wears a white parka with black fur in the hood.

Summer AttireEdit

Luce wears black high-waisted shorts, along with a white graphic t-shirt that is tucked into the shorts. She wears a black fedora, black tights, and black combat boots with spikes around the tongue of the shoe. She also wears black suspender straps, with a silver metallic button on the shoulder.


Luce is a rather quiet person when first approached, but she is very friendly and amiable. Luce has strong morals, and she will do whatever she can to live up to her morals, and she tries to be as mature as possible. Luce also tries to be very kind, but she tends to be a little bit insecure.

Due to being a bit insecure, her trust in others can easily hinder. She also has a very bad temper; anything in the slightest can set her off without warning. She can be a bit intimidating when angry, simply because she could very well turn destructive. 



Luce was born a mortal to her mother, Kit, and her father Jean. A couple years after she was born they welcomed her sister, Auburn, and then her brother Flames. She happily greeted them and loved them with all her heart. She would often rambunctiously play with them outside.

Father's Alleged DeathEdit

Luce, her siblings, and her mother went for a walk one day. They heard a loud gunshot, and Luce's mother told Luce and her siblings to hide in the bushes, and they obeyed. They watched carefully and Luce's mother let out a shrill scream. Her father had been shot and supposedly killed, the killer unknown. Kit took her children back home and quickly sold their house at that time and left, buying a new house for the safety of her family. Luce was about nine.

Mother's SicknessEdit

A while later, Luce's mother gained the sickness NIDS. It rapidly started shutting down Kit's body, causing her to be extremely tired and sick all the time. It escalated to the point where Kit could no longer walk. Luce worried deeply for her mother, and didn't want to lose her like she did her father.

Luce's Death, and Becoming an AngelEdit

Luce one day was taking a walk to the local pharmacy to pick up her mother's medication. Luce was mugged and murdered. Her mother died soon after that incident, succumbing to the disease because of depression. Luce soon woke up next to her grave, and felt, different, and not herself. She got up and retraced her steps to her home, and found her siblings barely getting by, and she decided to help. 

Luce gathered her siblings up, and came up with a plan for survival. She soon got everyone to do work around the neighborhood for money, barely living off of that money. They worked constantly, rarely ever seeing each other. Luce soon got a scholarship to college and worked three full time jobs at a time to help pay the home bills and for food. Luce also used to be an assassin for hire, but she soon quit. Luce was very suicidal at the time, and she would cut herself and attempt to hang herself, succeeding a few times, but regenerating soon after.


Photokinetics- Luce has the ability to manipulate light. She can form it into any shape she wishes. She uses it to blind others and cause a lot of damage, most specifically to demons.

Magnekinetics- Luce can manipulate anything magnetic, including the magnetic field of whatever planet she is on. This also helps her to be able to know when to strike someone, and where on the body. This is a natural instinct and power she was born with due to being a fox. Whether the magnetic item is organic (man-made), or natural, she will be able to manipulate it. She can also have limited mind control due to being able to manipulate the magnetic particles in one's brain. Luce can also disrupt electronics. She can also sense how magnetic fields move and what is disrupting it. She can also track others by detecting the iron in their blood. She can also manipulate the magnetic field to form an energy field as a shield.

Holy Water Manipulation-


Flight- Luce can fly up to unknown speeds, but can fly rather high and for long periods of time. She is a very agile flyer, and can swiftly dodge objects in the air.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit



Luce's defense is very low, making her more vulnerable to hits. She can also be easily manipulated, and is rather sensitive to rude comments. She is also emotionally vulnerable, as she tends to be a bit insecure at most times. Dark-based attacks damage her the most, as do fire attacks. Demons tend to set off her temper as well. Using hemokinetics drains her energy immensely. Luce is also weak to darkness-based attacks. 


Photon Aura- Luce can surround herself with light that would blind everyone who looked at it. However, it can be overwhelmed by darkness manipulation.

Light Healing- Luce can heal using light but she is very inexperienced with doing this.

Photon Shift- Luce can shift light particles to cause illusions, specifically causing invisibility, or an illusion she would like. However, like light healing, she is rather inexperienced and can only hold illusions for prolonged periods of time.

Magnetic Sense- Luce can use the magnetic field of the planet to track others. Like other foxes (most specifically non-mobians), she can use this to her advantage when finding others and learning the correct spot to attack, when and where. To do this, she can track the iron in someone's blood. She can also manipulate the magnetic field to form an energy field.


Items Currently in PossessionEdit

Crosier- Luce owns a crosier in that has healing and revival powers. However, she is very inexperienced with it and cannot fully heal someone, but can revive them. She never leaves home without it. She will sometimes use it as a weapon, even though it is not one. The abilities of the crosier are very limited, meaning she can only heal one wound at a time, and only revive one individual at a time.

Celestial Sword- Luce also owns and carries around a sword in which that is used to slay demons, and only demons. She never leaves home without this sword, either. It has a silver metallic blade, and a white hilt with gold designs around it. It is about the size of a machete.




  • Luce can be killed.
  • She can be wounded, even really badly.
  • Luce is part hedgehog, since her father was one, but her only hedgehog trait is the non-furry muzzle. Because of this, she is considered a fox, but can also be considered a hedgefox. 
  • Luce is extremely clausterphobic. She freaks out in small spaces, and does not like bear hugs or excessive hugs. 
  • Luce is also an arachnaphobe.
  • Luce's name's origin is Latin, and means it means light, a reason she was decided to be an angel and given photokinetic powers.
  • Luce has glasses, although she often to never wears them and instead wears contacts. She gets extremely embarrassed if someone sees her wearing her 
  • Like many other foxes, Luce has retractable claws.
  • glasses. If she runs out of contacts, she reluctantly wears her glasses.
  • Luce is ticklish almost everywhere on her body. 
  • Luce has a bit of a southern accent, but it is not easily detected.
  • Luce is completely immune to diseases and sicknesses.