This page is about the character, Gunthar The Destroyer which was created by Metal on the 30th of January 2014.
Gunthar by Kira

Done by User:Kiramazing.

Gunthar The Destroyer is a 30 year old Wildcat, Dragon and Arctic Wolf Hybrid. He is a Bandit and possesses various different powers. He is known to only work alone, and dislikes working with others. He is known to highly wanted by G.U.N for destruction of property, attacks, killing of G.U.N soldiers and regularly tries to hunt down Metal and his allies.

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Gunthar is a tall (7"2), Wildcat Hybrid. His fur is long, dense and highly resistant to water. His fur is brown. The whites of his eyes are black and his eyes are coloured a yellow colour. His muzzle is white with the insides of his short pointy ears being white also. It is known the top of his ears have a white tip and is muscular for his age. It is known he has a patch of white fur on his chest. On his arms, he has dragon scales, these are coloured a red colour, and his arms are coloured are white. His hands are clawed and covered with dragon scales. He has a pair of rather large wings on his back, with one spike on-

top of them each. The membrane of his wings are a brown colour. His feet are clawed, and are are covered in red dragon scales are well. He has a short shaggy wolf like tail, that is a white colour. He has two white coloured curved horns on his forehead, that are rather sharp. 


Gunthar is normally seen wearing armour, to protect himself. He wears light armour, that is durable and easy to get around in. The armour is coloured a black colour with white trim. As well as his boots being coloured black as well. Gunthar wears black coloured steel gauntlets.


Gunthar is seen wearing a grey scabbard on his back, which he holds his signature weapon DragonSteel Sword. His other weapon DragonSteel Axe is attached to his waist on a belt, as well as his rifle.

Background Story:Edit

Unstarted. I will write the background story after I get an Idea of how to write it. Ideas will be appreciated.


Gunthar is very proud warrior, and seems to very confident in his powers and abilities. He seems to obsessed with power, as well as being obsessed to destroy anyone that gets in his way. He prefers to put his point across over violence than words. He despises G.U.N for the same reason Metal does, that they have killed innocents. He will take his anger out on those who disagree with his actions.

More will be expanded on later.


Gunthar has various different powers such as:

  • Fire Breathing: During to being a Dragon, Gunthar can exhale fire though his mouth by using his powers. The fire he emits is extremely hot and dangerous. As it can reach a temperature of about 8,000 F. He is known to be able to breathe fire for a maximum of fifteen minutes before he has to wait till he's able to use it again.
  • Temperature/Fire/Ice Immunity: Due to being a Dragon, Gunthar is immune to hot and cold temperatures as well as Fire and Ice. He is unable to be frozen and burned. This would help him in hot climates such as a Desert and cold climates such as a Tundra.
  • Draconic Magic: Gunthar has powers of draconic magic. He is able to manipulate draconic energy to aid in his attacks. He is able to channel his Dragon energy into attacks and abilities making him stronger and a more formidable opponent.


Gunthar's speed and strength is above average without his powers, with his powers, he can combine them to the maximum potential.

  • Enhanced Durabilty: Gunthar has a very high durability, the level of durability he has allows him to fall 200ft from a building without sustaining any damage. His defence is above average for type of armour he wears.
  • Flight: Born with the ability to fly, Gunthar's highly durable wings allow to him to reach speeds of up to 50mph. He cannot fly for long and uses this to cross distances in little time. He has learn to adapt to high altitude environments. He can fight just as efficiently in the air just as on the ground.
  • Enhanced Speed: Gunthar possesses enhanced speed, him being able to run at about 40mph at the most. This can be great advantages against foes that are slower, like Metal for example. This also allows him to dodge attacks easier.
  • Enhanced Strength: Gunthar has immense physical strength, being able to lift up to 1,200 lbs (544kg). His strength allows him to lift up heavy objects with ease, and break through a steel door. He is known is naturally strong, because of his species.


Gunthar is a highly skilled warrior. He fights with a one handed sword, and has a great sense of physical strength and speed to aid him. He fights with force behind his strikes, and has rather good aim. He is a master swordsman and axeman, knowing fully well how to use a sword to it's full potential.


Despite being a highly skilled Warrior, Gunthar has weaknesses. His main weakness is Water, which would weaken his strength and abilities to move as quick. Another notable Weakness is his weakness to Earth based abilities, and attacks. He other weaknesses such as he weakness to over .50 bullets and explosives as well as blood loss and poisons.


  • Stats must not be above 99.

Strength: 70 - Gunthar is a huge powerhouse being able to deal a ton load of damage.

Defence: 75 - He is also an walking tank, being able to take a huge amount of damage.

Speed: 65 - His speed is above average, and is fairly fast in a fight.

Skill: 65- Gunthar's knows alot when it comes to fighting and using weapons.

Resistance: 60 - Gunthar's resistance is high, due to him being immune to certain elements.

Vision: Average - His vision is above average, him not being to see more than average Mobians/Humans.

Hearing: Average - His hearing is also average, but his other powers make up for it.

Smell: Average - His Smell is average, despite being part Wolf and part Dragon.



  • None so far.


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  • Gunthar is based off of a Death Knight.