Eri Tanako is a female bat with the ability of hypnokinesis. She is the leader of Team Eckhart, and she is the younger sibling of Hayoto. She also considers Starlight as an adoptive sibling. 


Eri stands about 3' 4". She wears a fuschia/red hoodie with black dots. It strongly resembles a strawberry. She has dark grey fur, and light green hair that pokes out of her hoodie. She is rarely seen with her hood down, but when she is, her hair is extremely long. She wears dark green pants with one pant leg rolled up. She also wears light red shoes with a black strip along them. Her hoodie has two holes for where her wings can come out. The outsides of her wings are maroon.


Eri is a rather quiet and shy individual, preferring not to talk to too many people at once. Eri dislikes crowds, and hates being around them. Eri is rather selfless, always giving to others. Eri is also very secretive, as she dislikes telling people about her past. She can also be rather clingy to the people she is close to. Although, when someone presses Eri and tries to make fun of her, Eri will start relentlessly raging, which is odd, considering her normal personality. She also seems rather tired all the time, though this is not the case. 


Eri was born along with her twin brother, Hayoto. Eri and Hayoto grew up as close siblings, never really fighting and always protecting each other no matter what. One day, when Eri's hypnokinetic powers were developing, she accidentally sent a child she was playing with into as semi-permenant sleep. Eri's parents, terrified at what would happen to their daughter if it was found out it was her fault, sold their house quickly and proceeded to buy another in several towns over.

Several years later, Eri got into an argument with her parents, and she accidentally sent them both into a permanent sleep. Hayoto, terrified, fled with Eri out of the house. Eri and Hayoto both started working. Eri felt endlessly guilty about what she did, and it continues to haunt her.