Template:Unfinished This is a list of the stuff in my universe.

Unnamed Rebel GroupEdit



Base of OperationsEdit











  • Visor Mode:
  • Thermal Vision:
  • Night Vision:
  • Hacking:
  • Thrusters:
  • Rebreather:


  • Super Strength: Red
  • Super Speed: Green
  • Enhanced Durability: Blue
  • Invisbility: White
  • Enhanced Jump: Light Green
  • Cyrokinesis: Light Blue
  • Pyrokinesis: Orange
  • Electrokinesis: Yellow

Character OccupationsEdit

Characters AgesEdit



Character TitlesEdit

Titles for the characters such as Metal's title much is "The Rogue".

Character ThemesEdit

Main ThemesEdit


Battle ThemesEdit

  • Metal vs Raiden:

Blank TemplateEdit

*'''[[User:MetalTD/Knight The Dragon|Knight The Dragon]]''': 
*'''[[User:MetalTD/Crusher The Wildcat|Crusher The Wildcat]]''': 
*'''[[User:MetalTD/Chicco The Kitten|Chicco The Kitten]]''': 
*'''[[User:MetalTD/Skyler The Hedgehog|Skyler The Hedgehog]]''': 
*'''[[User:MetalTD/David the Echidna (MetalTD)|David The Echidna]]''': 
*'''[[User:MetalTD/Orihime the Hedgecat|Orihime The Hedgecat]]''': 
*'''[[User:MetalTD/Ricardo the Wolf|Ricardo The Wolf]]''': 
*'''[[Yu The Wolf]]''': 
*'''[[User:MetalTD/Yosuke The Hyena|Yosuke The Hyena]]''': 
*'''[[User:MetalTD/Chie The Red Fox|??? The ???]]''': 
* '''[[User:MetalTD/Yukiko The Phoenix|??? The ???]]''': 
*'''[[User:MetalTD/Kanji The Red Wolf-Wolverine Hybrid|Kanji The Red Wolf-Wolverine Hybrid]]''': 
*'''[[User:MetalTD/Teddie The Bear|Teddie The Bear]]''': 
*'''[[User:MetalTD/Naoto The Wildcat|Naoto The Wildcat]]''': 
*'''[[Rai The Berserker]]''': 
*'''[[User:MetalTD/Breeze The Hedgehog-Wolf Hybrid|Breeze The Hedgehog-Wolf Hybrid]]''': 
*'''[[User:MetalTD/Strife The Grey Wolf-Leopard Hybrid|Strife Thunderbolt]]''': 
*'''[[User:MetalTD/Rampage The Berserker|Rampage Bloodedge]]''': 
*'''[[Keith The Hedgewolf]]''': 
*'''[[User:MetalTD/Dragonor The Hedgeiagla|Dragonor The Hedgeiagla]]''': 
*'''[[User:MetalTD/Blaze The Dragon|Blaze The Dragon]]''': 
*'''[[User:MetalTD/Kevin The Hedgehawk|Kevin The Hedgehawk]]''': 
*'''[[User:MetalTD/Duncan The Hedgefox|Duncan The Hedgefox]]''':
*'''[[User:MetalTD/Sozin The Draco|Sozin The Draco]]''':
*'''[[User:MetalTD/Alcatraz The Wolverine|Alcatraz The Wolverine]]''':
*'''[[User:MetalTD/Breaker The Wolfalkia|Breaker The Wolfaklia]]''': 
*'''[[User:MetalTD/Zephyr The Hunter|Zephyr The Hunter]]''': 
*'''[[User:MetalTD/Wrath The Wolverine|Wrath The Wolverine]]''': 
*'''[[User:MetalTD/Mercer The Prototype|Mercer The Prototype]]''': 
*'''[[User:MetalTD/Marduk The Blaster|Marduk The Blaster]]''':
*'''[[User:MetalTD/Chase The Zapdos|Chase The Zapdos]]''': 
*'''[[Metal The Rogue]]''': 
*'''[[User:MetalTD/Rex The Shark|Rex The Shark]]''': 
*'''[[User:MetalTD/Exodus The Griffon|Exodus The Griffon]]''':  
*'''[[User:MetalTD/Bane The Shadow Metal|Bane The Shadow Metal]]''': 
*'''[[User:MetalTD/Dragon Beast|Dragon Beast]]''': 
*'''[[User:MetalTD/FreezeFlame The Hybrid|FreezeFlame The Hybrid]]''': 
*'''[[Gunthar The Destroyer]]''': 
*'''[[User:MetalTD/Rogue The Destroyer|??? The ???]]''': 
*'''[[User:MetalTD/Percival The Berserker|Percival The Berserker]]''': 
*'''[[User:MetalTD/Vortex The Husky and Dusty The Cat|Vortex The Husky]]''': 
*'''[[User:MetalTD/Vortex The Husky and Dusty The Cat|Dusty The Cat]]''':
*'''[[User:MetalTD/Raiden The Destroyer|Raiden The Destroyer]]''': 
*'''[[User:MetalTD/Saber The Lion|Saber The Lion]]''': 
*'''[[User:MetalTD/Freezer The Wolf|Freezer The Wolf]]''': 
*'''[[Sledge The Cyborg Dragon]]''': 
*'''[[User:MetalTD/Phantom The WarGreymon|Phantom The WarGreymon]]''': 
*'''[[User:MetalTD/Fenfir The Lucario|Fenfir The Lucario]]''': 
*'''[[User:MetalTD/Burst The RizeGreymon|Burst The RizeGreymon]]''': 
*'''[[User:MetalTD/Ryu The Growlmon|Ryu The Growlmon]]''': 

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