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This is a tier list of all my characters and how strong they are.

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Note: Numbers for statistics must not exceed above 100. Expect for the overall stat.

Overall: The higher the overall statistics, the better the character is.

The formula for working out the overall statistics are as follows.
 Strength + Defence + Speed + Resistance + Skill / 5 = Overall Statistics

Characters can have a maximum of 5 powers, skills, and abilities. These will count towards their overall stats.




To calculate the Strength, just use the number given for the Physical Strength.

  • Physical Strength:
    • Below Average Strength: See this.
    • Average Strength: See this.
    • Peak Human Strength: See this.
    • Enhanced Strength: See this.
    • Superhuman Strength: See this.


To calculate the defence, add the Armour and Durability together.

  • Physical Defence:
    • Armour: See this.
      • Light Armour: See this.
      • Medium Armour See this.
      • Heavy Armour: See this.
    • Durability:
      • Peak Human Durability: See this.
      • Enhanced Durability: See this.


  • Running Speed: See this.


  • Weapon Skills: See this.
  • Fighting Skills: See this.


  • Mental Resistance: See this.
  • Poison Resistance: See this.


  • Willpower: See this.
  • Intelligence: See this.

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