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Main characters highlighted in bold.

Characters in Total (as of 4th June 2014) = 59

Characters © to MetalTD/Drago1000100/Detective-Dojima. In order of the usernames on Wikia, Youtube, Deviantart, respectively. MetalTD is also a member at


First Generation Characters

  1. Knight The Lancer - GUN
  2. Crusher The Wildcat - GUN
  3. Chicco The Kitten
  4. Skyler The Hedgehog - GUN, Sergeant
  5. David The Echidna
  6. Ricardo The Wolf
  7. Orihime The Hedgecat
  8. Yu The Wolf
  9. Yosuke The Hyena
  10. Kaiser The Crystal Knight - Kaiser was born as the second ruler of ???, if his father was to die that is. After an invasion of an enemy force, and his father was killed. He later fled, leaving his country to fend for themselves, earning him the title of traitor to his country.
  11. ??? The Winter Soldier
  12. Kanji The Red Wolf-Wolverine Hybrid
  13. Teddie The Bear
  14. Naoto The Wildcat
  15. Rai The Berserker - Rai is the persona of Metal. She is a Berserker, that has the ability to manipulate electricity and is the daughter of Zephyr, and the sister of her older brother Rampage and her younger brother Zain. She formerly had an alignment to good, but as the result of being possessed by Volt, she wants nothing more than to destroy G.U.N and erase the world of justice and order and obtain greater power.
  16. ??? The Rhinopian (Rhino/Scorpion hybrid)
  17. Pyron The Dragon
  18. ??? The Lion

Second Generation Characters

  1. Breeze The Hedgehog-Wolf Hybrid - GUN

Character Count =

  • 19 (18 First Generation characters and 1 Second Generation character)


First Generation Characters

  1. Strife Thunderbolt (Gray Wolf/Snow Leopard) - GUN
  2. Rampage The Berserker
  3. Keith The Hedgewolf

Second Generation Characters

  1. Metal's son (Might be subject to change)

Character Count =

  • 4 ( 3 First Generation Characters and 1 Second Generation Character)


First Generation Characters

  1. Dragonor The Hedgeiagla (Hedgehog/Diagla)
  2. Blaze Slash (Fire Dragon)
  3. Kevin The Hedgehawk (Hedgehog/Hawk)
  4. Duncan The Hedgefox (Hedgehog/Fox)
  5. Sozin The Draco (Dragon)
  6. Alcatraz The Wolverine
  7. Breaker The Wolfalkia (Wolf/Palkia)
  8. Zephyr Bloodedge (Berserker (Human/Dragon hybrid)/Snow Leopard)
  9. Wrath The Wolverine
  10. Mercer The Prototype
  11. Marduk The Blaster
  12. ??? The Hyena (Decreased)
  13. Metal's Mother
  14. Rogue's Mother (Decreased)
  15. Vex The Hyena

Character Count =

  • 15 (All First Generation characters)


  1. Chase The Zapdos (Mobianized Zapdos)
  2. Metal The Rogue (Berserker (Human/Dragon hybrid)/Wolf) - GUN

Character Count =

  • 2 (All First Generation Characters)


First Generation Characters

  1. Rex The Shark (Great White Shark)
  2. Exodus The Griffon (Decelerated Aging/Enhanced Senses/Flight/Climbing)
  3. Scar The Hedgehog
  4. Ryu The Berserker Hybrid (Berserker hybrid)
  5. Dragon Beast (Dragon/Grey Wolf hybrid)
  6. FreezeFlame The Hybrid (Snow Leopard/Gray Wolf/Wolverine/Bald Eagle hybrid)
  7. Gunthar The Destroyer (Dragon/Snow Leopard/Arctic Wolf)
  8. Rogue The Destroyer (Decreased)
  9. Percival The Berserker
  10. Vortex The Husky
  11. Raiden The Destroyer (Wolverine) - GUN
  12. Saber The Lion
  13. Freezer The Wolf
  14. Sledge The Cyborg Dragon
  15. Phantom The WarGreymon (Mobianized WarGreymon)
  16. Fenfir The Lucario (Mobianized Lucario)
  17. Burst The RizeGreymon (Mobianized RizeGreymon)
  18. ??? The Growlmon (Mobianized Growlmon)
  19. Volt The Dragon

Characters Count =

  • 19 (All First Generation Characters)

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Dark Destroyers

Dark Destroyers: Overdrive Inferno

Dark Destroyers: Rise of the Heroes

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