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A Berserker is a wild animal species that is a hybrid of a Human and a Dragon.

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Berserkers are huge and tall hybrids of a Human and a Dragon. They are humans with dragon like features. Most notablely, they have small scales as a defensive measure. One of the most common features of a Berserker is that they have blue markings on their arms and chest area. Like all Dragons, older Berserkers generally have Dragon like wings and horns.

They are physically powerful, being able to punch through titanium easily. Their teeth and claws are extremely sharp, able to tear through things easily. They are are extremely musclar, particularly their upper body.


Berserkers have an extremely long lifespan, with no difference between genders. They are known to live from 5,000 to 10,000 years with some Berserkers that can outlive this.


Berserkers are able to live anywhere, but are most commonly seen in Tundras, Mountain ranges and caves. They are rarely living any other place.


Berserkers are a extremely rare species, with only very few remaining. They are are by all means endangered.

Powers and Abilities:Edit

One of the most notable powers that they have is Pyrokinesis, however only a very small amount of Berserkers have this. Most notable Berserkers have the power of Electricity or/and Dragon Soul Absorption or the ability to control Terrakinesis. Most are immune to fire and heat, and are immune to cold temperatures but resistant to Ice.

Berserkers are extremely skilled in swordplay and close combat and excel in both. However, they have little knowledge of knowing how to use firearms and technology.


All Berserkers are carnivores and they hunt their prey. They usually eat around 4 pounds of food, but can go without food for a very long time (6 months).


Berserkers should not be approached at all costs; as they as extremely aggressive. They have the natural instinct to kill, and are very protective of their territory. As well as they like to fight and are prone to attack anyone near them.

Notable Members:Edit