Disclaimer thingy, I guess: The explanation for the use of he/she is that Adrian is Genderfluid. Meaning the reader decides the character's gender.

Another disclaimer thingy, I guess: This page is far from complete. I've probably not reached the damn minimum requirements. So, things.



Adrian is a short Otter (Like, 3"2 or somethin'? I dunno. .w.) with grey fur and blue eyes. His/Her hair matches his/her fur in terms of colour, and in style it's curly with a fringe covering his/her eyes at certain angles. His/Her hair and fur are often seen with accents of dried blood due to his/her's sloppiness when it comes to rituals.


Adrian's most common attire is a grey and green striped T-shirt and jeans. However, he/she wears a pale grey sweater on colder days. (Wow. So much detail. :O) 


Adrian acts cheerful in almost all circumstances. Scarily so in some cases. At times when most would be horrified Adrian just watches with a smile. Much to many other's dismay Adrian is naive and curious. Leading most people get annoyed with him/her rather quickly. If someone were to blow up at her she'd recede into a silent state of anger, planning some form of blood ritual. (To be continued if I'm not lazy.)

Amorality (I feel this deserves it's own bit.)Edit

Due to Adrian's own lack of morals he/she doesn't understand other's morality. Often attempting to befriend clearly evil people. Or misinterpreting a perfectly good action for something sinister. Of course is anyone brings up a moral dilemma he/she'll be confused. (I guess I'm gonna expand this later.)


(To be done)

Religion and rituals and stuff.Edit

Adrian is part of a long dead religion and is the single follower of it. It revolves around worshipping dark gods of ambiguous existence. A main part of the religion is rituals involving the blood of others. The most common ritual is placing a container of ones own blood in a circle of another's. The ritual's intention is to please the gods. The purpose of pleasing the gods to keep him/her from dying in a rapture like event foretold in the religion's holy book. Other rituals are supposed to have passive supernatural effects, like granting luck etc. A lot of these involving certain body parts which in Adrian's case are incredibly sloppy. Leading to the previously mentioned dry blood.

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Owned itemsEdit

  • A knife: Adrian commonly carries about a 15cm blade knife in his/her pocket.
  • (Again. Add more if I'm not lazy.)