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I just came here and this is a pretty nice wiki! It is sad that it's so underrated. It deserves a lot more people!

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Well, it would be more active but all of us on here are on SFW, so yeah. 

Sonic Fanon Wiki... I don't like that wiki. They're always serious. They never laugh, AT ALL, and I'm a wisecracker. I made a fictional drug with some funny symptoms. My friends on Sonic Fan Character Wiki found it funny, but all of the people on Fanon thought it was full of crap.

We kinda have strict standards, and the admins and chat mods do have to be serious. .w.

I'm not an admin or anything, I'm just really a regular user with rollback rights over there. 


SFCW has some very relaxed people on it, as far as SFW goes, it is serious because they are trying to restore their Internet image. I sometimes get on SFCW when I am bored.

Anyway, welcome to our wiki!


HOwdy, Akrius, you may already know me but my name is Harold Roxby. and I really wanna help you guys. :)

I might come back later.

Hello everyone! Welcome to the wiki, feel free to help us become a better community by writing character articles and stuff like that. At the moment, I'd suggest you refrain from infoboxes since I'm trying to get them working (my studies have been getting in the way.) but yeah, thanks for checking out our wiki!

Oh, I forgot I followed this thread.

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