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Metal and Astrid RP - Part 2

"Maybe not," she said, "But if you stay awake, I believe you will be fine."

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"Yeah, I hope so..." Metal said, growling slightly from his injuries.

Astrid released the tissue, which was now slightly covered in blood, and tossed it into a nearby box. She then grabbed a clean bandage and gave it to Metal.

"You should wait before you go after him then. Give some time for your body to rest and recover," Astrid advised.

Metal bandaged his wound up, and slightly growled. "Yeah..I guess..."

Astrid sat on a box next to where she had put her dagger. She picked it up and examined it.
"Is something wrong?" Metal asked.

"Nothing is wrong. Sometimes I just wonder how my life would be different if I had not gone off with the assassin that found me," Astrid said.

"Oh, hmm...right."

"For I start, I would be homeless. Secondly, I would not have met as many people as I have. Including yourself. Well, for the second time at least."

"But I tried to kill you, when I was younger."

"That is true. But now at least now I understand why, and so I forgave you."

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