I think we need to change the policies for the characters.

  1. Appearance - What the character looks like. (Must have at least 1 paragraph)
  2. Personailty - Describe the way the character acts. (Must have at least 1 paragraph.)
  3. Powers - Enter some text with some info about your character's powers, if they have any. If they have a lot, you can list them, but be descriptive with the list items. Powers are supernatural and can be things such as Elemental powers (such as Electricity), Telepathy and anything else the character could control. (Must have a detailed list of powers, or at least 1 paragraph explain what the powers are.)
  4. Abilities - Abilities are things are natural to the character, such as Super-Human Strength and Night Vision. (Must have a detailed list of skills, or at least '1 paragraph explain what the skills are.)
  5. Skills - Skills are things that a character can learn. Such as hand-to-hand combat and sword fighting. (Must have a detailed list of skills, or at least '1 paragraph to explain what the skills are.)
  6. Strengths and Weakness - Explain the characters strengths and weaknesses. (Must have a list of at least 4 strengths and 4 weaknesses' or at least two paragraphs explaining what strengths and weaknesses they are.)
  7. Relationships - Relationships to other fan characters. Canon characters must not be listed.

(Must contain a detailed list, or seperate headers for each character.)

Other sections:

  1. Appearances - (Must state what roleplays, fanfictions, and other media he/she/it was in)
  2. Items currently in Possession - (Must contain a list of at least 1 item.)
  3. Gallery - (Must contain at least one image.)

I don't know if you guys like this or not, so I edited it a little. Feel free to post suggestions.