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Metal and Astrid RP

Continuation yet again.

I'm making lots of posts owo.

"Well, their could be...but we may have to break into the base to find out... "

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She walked over to the desk and picked up some of them. She scanned them briefly and she saw almost instantly what they were about.

"Oh my god..."

"What? Is something wrong?" Metal asked. 

"I would be extremely careful..." she said handing him the pieces of paper.

Metal read it, noticing it had something written about him in it. "No, there's no way...he can't be serious." Metal said, sighing. 

"I think he is," she said.

Astrid then looked at the the door and said, "We need to leave."

Metal walked a few steps over to the door, before falling down. It seemed there was gas in the room, and it was only affecting Metal for some odd reason. "Damn it...he did lead us into a trap." The hybrid growled. It seemed to weakening him pretty fast. 

"What do you mean? What is wrong?" Astrid asked him as she knelt down beside him.

"I can't move...He did something...but I dunno what," The hybrid said.

"Keep it together and you will be fine," Astrid assured.

"I still can't move or use my powers.." Metal said, sighing.

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